Do you want to feel more attractive, confident, and free with women? 


I am offering a 2 month mentorship program for men who are looking to get a better understanding on how to attract, please, and create healthy relationships with women. 


The program includes: 

4 Technique classes - Learn how to make a women crave you when she is not around you. Learn how we like to be touched, kissed, and become a pro at worshiping a women's body so you are the first person she wants to call when she is in the mood. 

8 Coaching sessions - We will have 8 sessions where I teach you about different aspects of women, yourself, and dating. The topics include: 


1. Masculine and feminine energy. Staying in your masculine energy so women can be women is a very important and missing piece a lot of men don't understand. Feminine women are what you desire but so many times men bring us out of this energy and we feel depleted and move on. In this session we will go over the differences between masculine and feminine energy and how you can improve your skills at creating a desire in women to want to receive affection and more from you. 

2. Self development. For this session I am going to go through 8 dimensions of wellness with you so you can see where you stand in different areas of your life. By the end of the session you will know what you need to work on in each area with set goals to become the best version of you. 

3. Online dating. Women are all over dating sites looking for love but also, sometimes just a great guy to have sex with on a regular basis. The problem is so many men are approaching things totally wrong, turning off every women of value you get a chance to speak to, then end up resentful and feeling rejected. I will not teach you any "game" and I will not work with men who want to use tricks or lies to get women into bed. But if you would like to make real connections and have epic sex that comes from a place of honesty and integrity, I can help you. I will also help you write a dating profile that stands out from the rest. 

4. Confidence. Women love a man that can lead. We want things to be easy going, fun, and light hearted. This is hard to do when someone is really quiet, super nervous, or anxious. This will be more of a life coaching style session where you can let me know where you feel insecure about women, dating, and sex and I will help you work through this issues over the two months we are working together. 

5. How to be a great date 101. For this session we will go out on a "date" and I will give you some tips on how to improve your approach and make a women want a second date with you. I will also give you some great date ideas that cost $0 - 5 star and give you some ideas for conversation that will make women want to learn more about you and see you again. 

6. The make over. Let's go shopping and get you some great new clothes so you feel your best when you are on a date with your dream girl. Do you want a new look? I will help you look and feel your best. 

7. Freestyle. For this session we are going to go out to a bar. I am going to help you get some numbers and give you the confidence boost you might need to approach women. 

8. In our last session, we will talk about everything you've learned. We will go over anymore limiting beliefs or blocks you feel you have around women, dating and sex. 

Investment: $5,000 

Feel free to ask me about my credentials and why I am a great choice to help you on your journey of self improvement and becoming desirable to women. 

Let me know if you have any questions and best wishes on your dating, love, and sexual adventures! 

Xo Electra 

The Mentorship Program 

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