Etiquette & FAQ's

I am naturally easy going, open minded, and free spirited but there are some things that will make me more excited to see you in person! 

1. Send an intro text. If you approach me this way, I will look forward to seeing you from the moment you contact me. 


Here is an example of a great intro text, feel free to tell me more about you and make it unique if you like: 

"Hi, my name is ___, I am (age) and (ethnicity). I am looking to spend (duration) with you on (date). Do you have any availability? I have read your ad/website and would like to use ___ as my screening option." 

2. I do not mind discussing menu or anything via text or email. In fact, I love having all this out of the way before meeting so you and I are on the same page and there is no room for awkward moments or disappointment. I also love it when you tell me exactly what kind of session you desire... PSE from the moment you walk in the door to the moment you leave, a slow and sensual GFE starting with mutual massages, or some kinky role play? I love it all and it's much easier to give you what you want if you tell me before you arrive. 

3. Ask your questions and make your requests BEFORE you confirm your appointment with me. Let me know if you would like any extras before you confirm. I accept requests for appointments 30 min and longer. 

4. Can you extend a date "depending on how things go"? The answer is no. I only book dates with a set time, I will not guarantee I keep free time for you just incase you want longer. However, if we are in the moment and I do have free time, we can possibly extend. 

5. If you are running late, let me know and I will wait for you. If you do not let me know you are running late, I will wait 5 minutes after the appointment time before I move on to something else. 

6. A phone or email accessible when you arrive at my destination is required to see me. If you can not contact me upon arrival at my studio, please do not contact me. 

7. Please have payment ready in an envelope and hand it to me after we greet each other, I do prefer that I don't have to ask for it and I will not start the session without it. 

8. Hygiene. Please come showered, fresh as daisy, and groomed. I have a wide arrange of amenities and a clean shower with fresh linens available for your use. 

9. No smoking or drug use in my presence. If you smoke before I don't mind, just please use the facilities to freshen up. If we are on a social date, I don't mind if you smoke away from me. 

10. Outcalls require a $100 deposit and screening. 

11. Social dates. I LOVE social dates and have so much fun on them! I do prefer we play before we go out, but I am open to your preferences as well. 

12. Overnights are a lovely way to get to know each other on a more intimate level. I require 6 hours of uninterrupted sleep time. Generally overnights are 8 pm to 8 am but I am open to curating a beautiful experience based on your desires. 

13. FMTY is available. A 50% deposit and a business class flight is required for flights over 6 hours. Additional screening may be required if we have not met before. 

14. For multi day dates, I request 4 hours per day of alone time to workout and get ready to have an amazing day with you. 

15. I have two beautiful duo partners, Karina Riviera and Karina Espinoza. Feel free to inquire for more info. 

16. Reviews. I appreciate tasteful reviews that do not disclose my personal information. 

17. References. I am happy to provide a reference one time for you. If you would like me to continue to provide references over the next provider you see, a $25 gift card is appreciated as a token for my time. 

18. If you need to cancel for any reason and you give me more then 24 hours notice, I will happily give you a second chance. 

19. If you cancel with under 24 hours notice and you are a first or second time client, a $50 cancelation fee is required to book again. If we are close, no cancelation fee is required but if it is a pattern I will end the relationship no matter how much I like you. 

20. If you no show, I will not respond to you again unless you send me a $100 cancelation fee via PayPal or gift card before you contact me. 

21. Personal information. I really enjoy getting to know my clients and establishing close connections. I will ask that you do not ask about my real name or other personal information. If I would like you to know, I will disclose this. 

22. Dating. I am not available to date "in real life", please don't ask as it may make me uncomfortable to see you in the future as I am not here to hurt anyone or play games with anyones feelings. I just want to make men happy with fun dates and sexy memories.  

23. Texting. I do not appreciate lot's of texting in between appointments unless you are booking a texting session. You do not need to message just to tell me you are thinking of me or are sorry you can't see me that week, I am not your gf ;) But, if you want to come over... shoot that text. 

Thank you for understanding xo 

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Text: 604-373-2330


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